Cookie Clicker

Playsaurus, Orteil
Sep 1, 2021 - PC
Game Revolution
8.5 / 10
Saving Content
5 / 5
7 / 10
9 / 10
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Cookie Clicker Steam Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Cookie Clicker

“Why pay $4.99 on Steam for something that’s free on your browser?” is a common question that’s popping up. For me, Cloud Save alone is worth the price of admission, as I no longer have to worry about cookies (the other type) and backing up my saves manually. This combined with the music from C418 and support for Steam Achievements makes Cookie Clicker Steam the definitive version that’s worth paying for.

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It’s hard to give a score to an idle game like this because many people come at these games from different perspectives. Me, I like to let the game take the reigns and slowly build up my empire, while others may want to be more engaged. If you’re looking at something that will keep your fingers twitching while earning, this won’t be for you. But for how I like to play idle games, Cookie Clicker is #1. Plus, after importing my web save into Steam, I sat there for 5 minutes watching achievements pop, and who doesn’t like that endorphin rush. Cookie Clicker is fun, peaceful, and respectful of your time. You don’t have to babysit this idler and can go at your own pace watching those precious numbers go up and up. Whether you like to manage every aspect and hit things right as they are available or like me, let the game chill while you watch YouTube, Cookie Clicker is tremendous fun. I’ve even baked cookies at home while having the game earn cookies for me; it feels kind of meta, doesn’t it?

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I met Cookie Clicker in 2013 as a curious title to laugh with friends. Eight years later, the initial impression has remained the same: clicking on cookies to get more cookies is a little crazy, but simple and fun, especially thanks to the various mechanics available to increase production. The pleasing look and the extensive but understandable amount of information make the experience even more immersive and addictive. There are sluggish periods when the title doesn't decide whether the player should pay attention or let time pass. In any case, patience should be an obligatory and generous virtue, because only after some time will it yield good results, I mean, cookies.

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Cookie Clicker is one of those games that are very simple, but become completely essential if you intend to eat up the hours while you do other things or just want to bake cookies.

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