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Rogue Lords

Cyanide, Leikir Studio, Nacon
Sep 30, 2021 - PC

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16 / 20

Under its air of colorful horror tale, Rogue Lords actually hides a formidable roguelike of efficiency and original with it.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

With Halloween season at the doors already, Rogue Lords can offer some nice time in the company of ghouls, zombies and vampires. The battles will be tough for sure, but don't fret because Devil will always play by his own rules.

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Rogue Lords’ approach to turn-based combat — with or without cards — isn’t radically different, but the Devil Mode and ability to “cheat your way to victory” offers a new mechanic that will have you rethinking your usual strategies. Some issues with bugs, balancing, and its overlong, weariness-inducing campaigns are made less egregious thanks to its amusing writing, great music and fantastic gothic horror art direction. Unlike some of the games in this style, Rogue Lords demands a bit of patience, thought and tolerance for complexity while still be accessible to fans of the genre.

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Rogue Lords is very pretty. They nailed the art design and character models, which I imagine will attract many people to this roguelike RPG. However, I am afraid that the attraction is surface level. With any roguelike game, you expect each run to feel different from the next and reset that excitement and engagement. Still, with Rogue Lords, once you've completed three books or so, it doesn't feel like it has any more to offer. Getting through three books is an achievement, as the gameplay and battle system is tedious, hard and repetitive. With a bit more streamlining of some mechanics and improvements in pacing, you'll have a more polished title that I'd be more comfortable recommending.

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Rogue Lords offers an interesting Roguelike offers but fails to really live up to its devilish premise

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Command your own legion of evil and exact revenge upon your bitterest enemies in Rogue Lords. Summon your Disciples and learn their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can launch a bloodthirsty three-person army - and play some devilish, overpowered tricks of your own.

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Rogue Lords is another solid roguelike game for fans of the genre but one that also has some issues with RNG and repetitiveness. I really dug the art style and voice acting but the gameplay doesn’t hold up as well over the long haul of these chapters. Altering things in your favor though with the risk/reward essence mechanic did feel pretty unique though and I don’t regret my time playing the game at all. If you’re a fan of the genre and don’t mind it feeling a little unfair at times then you’ll likely enjoy this.

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Rogue Lords, then, isn’t a roguelike for the masses. And even those keen on the genre might not gel with it. The long-term rewards just aren’t all that rewarding, especially with each run feeling like a slog. And while its unique mechanics separate it from its peers, they also overcomplicate matters. Still, its horror theme is definitely alluring, so roguelike fans who like a bit of darkness might want to give it a go.

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