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Available on:PCSep 30, 2021

Developers: Cyanide, Leikir Studio

Publisher: Nacon

Genres: Strategy, RPG, Roguelike

The first roguelike in which you play as the devil, which means you can change some of the game's rules to your advantage! Run after run, manage your team of famous evil geniuses as they encounter unforeseen events and turn-based combat. Unlock new skills, create powerful synergies and use your powers to turn the situation in your favour at critical moments. Only by collecting ancient artefacts can you finally take your revenge on the Demon Hunters. A DARK TALE Weakened from defeat to the forces of good, you fled the world and sought refuge in hell to survive. Decades later, you have returned with your most faithful Disciples to exact revenge on those wretched Demon Hunters. But the world has changed in your absence. Your enemies have become all-powerful, and a new religion – the Sanctua Lumen – has become very influential. It mercilessly hunts down all those who serve you. To reinstate your hold over the world of humans, you must first regain the strength you previously wielded by taking possession of artefacts with legendary power. CONTROL FAMOUS EVIL GENIUSES Create your team of 3 Disciples from Dracula, the Headless Horsemen, Bloody Mary, the White Lady, Lilith, Hecate, Baron Samedi, and Frankenstein and his Creature. Each Disciple has their own unique story, abilities and gameplay: combine their skills to create devastating synergies, and deal with the mortals that dare stand in your way. Collect souls and exchange them for new skills, upgrades and powerful relics that can strengthen your Disciples. THE DEVIL PLAYS BY HIS OWN RULES Sacrifice some of your health to control the game interface: nothing will stop you – and certainly not the rules imposed on mortals. Manipulate the health bars of your Disciples and enemies, optimise status effects to suit your fight tactics, open portals on the map, tip the odds in your favour during events… there are many occasions to use your diabolical powers throughout your run. TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE Increase the terror gauge by winning fights and completing interactive events to earn valuable bonuses for your Disciples. Complete each event to your liking to reduce the influence of the Sanctua Lumen, give mortals good reason to fear you, and decide the fate of traitors who have allied themselves with your enemies. Take revenge on the Demon Hunters in epic turn-based fights.

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An initially delightful roguelike, held back from greatness by rough edges and stingy unlocks.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

With Halloween season at the doors already, Rogue Lords can offer some nice time in the company of ghouls, zombies and vampires. The battles will be tough for sure, but don't fret because Devil will always play by his own rules.

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Rogue Lords’ approach to turn-based combat — with or without cards — isn’t radically different, but the Devil Mode and ability to “cheat your way to victory” offers a new mechanic that will have you rethinking your usual strategies. Some issues with bugs, balancing, and its overlong, weariness-inducing campaigns are made less egregious thanks to its amusing writing, great music and fantastic gothic horror art direction. Unlike some of the games in this style, Rogue Lords demands a bit of patience, thought and tolerance for complexity while still be accessible to fans of the genre.

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Command your own legion of evil and exact revenge upon your bitterest enemies in Rogue Lords. Summon your Disciples and learn their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can launch a bloodthirsty three-person army - and play some devilish, overpowered tricks of your own.

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