Weapon of Choice DX

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Weapon of Choice DX

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SSeptember 2, 2021
Nintendo SwitchSeptember 2, 2021
PlayStation 4September 1, 2021
Xbox OneSeptember 2, 2021

Developer: Mommy's Best Games

Publisher: Mommy's Best Games

Genres: Action, Platformer, Arcade

Weapon of Choice DX is a high-energy, run 'n' gun where each playable character is unique with their own special weapon and abilities! Blast insane aliens, find new player characters, and choose between branching paths! The world is being taken over by gene-combining beings from beyond the stars! Hideous new creatures are popping up everywhere, and it's up to the Solus Operatives to grab their unique weapons and split some disgusting alien skulls! High-resolution and carefully hand-drawn art style breathes life and originality into this bizarre game world. Dynamically branching levels are tied together by an intriguing story with multiple endings, giving the player tons of replay-ability and chances to master each operative’s Weapon of Choice.

Weapon of Choice DX Critic Reviews

Weapon of Choice DX is a blend of old-school action and modern psychedelic presentation that'll have you blasting aliens with a smile on your face. The experience may be quite a short one but you'll have a great time for as long as it lasts.

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Weapon of Choice DX is a wild ride with a lot of ambition. While I don’t feel it quite lived up to its potential, and felt that Shoot 1-UP DX was the better game by Super Soul, there’s still a lot here for fans to enjoy. If you miss Contra and want something similar, I’d give Weapon of Choice DX a shot. Just get ready for one insane rollercoaster of a game with a zany plot to match.

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Weapon of Choice DX | Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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