Beast Breaker

Vodeo Games
Sep 23, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
9 / 10
Worth Playing
8.5 / 10
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Beast Breaker - Launch Trailer

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Beast Breaker Reveal

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Critic Reviews for Beast Breaker

The mind behind Threes brings us this 'cosy-crunchy' turn-based adventure that's delightfully deep and brilliantly approachable.

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Beast Breaker is the epitome of a hidden gem, and we would highly recommend you give it a shot. Like its main character this game may be small, but it proves to be exceedingly effective at what it sets out to do. Creative, engaging gameplay and a surprising amount of depth combine to make for an experience that may surprise at just how much it hooks you.

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Beast Breaker is the kind of game that flies under the radar but rewards those willing to give it a shot. The battle system for the genre is distinct but easy to understand, and even if you're fighting a small roster of creatures in each land, the fights are never dull. The variety in the attacks gives min/max players some room to play with their builds, while the story and characters provide enough motivation to see it through to the end. For those looking for a different kind of RPG, Beast Breaker is worth checking out.

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