Midnight Protocol

LuGus Studios, Iceberg Interactive

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Midnight Protocol

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General Information

Available on:PCOctober 13, 2021

Developer: LuGus Studios

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Genres: Action, Strategy, RPG

You assume the mantle of a prominent hacktivist, ‘Data’, who recently got doxxed and has been targeted for blackmail by a shadowy branch of government. You interact with the virtual environment through your home terminal that requires nothing more than your keyboard. > HANG YOUR [H]AT Will you respect others’ privacy and bank accounts, or leave no stone unturned? Midnight Protocol allows you to play as the hacker you want to be. Help the police track down a rogue hacker, or blackmail a desperate husband trying to recover… dubious pictures. Gain black, grey, and white hat reputation to change the direction of the story based on your choices. > I[M]MERSION OVERLOAD Midnight Protocol’s design focuses on immersing you in a world of digital warfare without complicated hacking mechanics. Your keyboard is your weapon, type commands to eliminate or evade security programs, letting your keystrokes become part of the soundtrack. > NICE [D]ECK Cracking a digital safe or extracting classified data requires careful planning. Pay the troll toll, use digital jackhammers, cloaks, and daggers to combat cybersecurity. Buy new programs or hardware on the black market, and customize your deck to fit your playstyle. > DI[S]TRACTIONS ABOUND Take on dozens of sidequests filled with easter eggs and references, gather additional intel on your targets before you start a mission, and play some hacker chess to wind down. Midnight Protocol is jam-packed with optional missions, providing hours of additional content. GL;HF

Midnight Protocol Critic Reviews

If the movie Hackers has left a lasting impression on you and you want to feel like a technical genius, Midnight Protocol is a dream come true. Its turn-based strategy gameplay with a mysterious narrative woven throughout will hook anyone who wants a uniquely cerebral challenge. If you’ve ever wondered how poking around private cyber places can effect change — either for the greater good or the greener gains — say “I’m in” to Midnight Protocol.

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Throughout Midnight Protocol there will be tense situations, difficult encounters, and plenty of mysteries to solve. As answers start to come in, more questions arise, and the game has a few major twists rivaling those in Resident Evil Village. Players will have the chance to choose who they will fight alongside and what kind of person Data will be. Reputation and available missions are affected by every decision in the challenging, high-stakes hacking world of Midnight Protocol.

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