Horror Story: Hallowseed

1C Entertainment , Jeff Winner

Horror Story: Hallowseed MastheadHorror Story: Hallowseed Masthead

Horror Story: Hallowseed

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 29, 2021

Developer: Jeff Winner

Publisher: 1C Entertainment

Genres: Adventure, Horror

The game Horror Story: Hallowseed is a single-player story-driven psychological horror adventure game that takes place in the fictional location, Hallowseed. Viewed from a first-person perspective, the beautifully rendered environment not only contains various puzzles but is also controlled by an advanced AI that reacts to the player’s choices and actions, activating random scare events. The story You were camping in the woods with two friends when an obscure event caused you to lose consciousness and wake up alone in an unknown, strange place. Explore your surroundings, look for clues in mysterious locations, run and hide from the dark spirits awakened by your presence. Do your best to survive, find your friends and uncover the mysteries hidden deep within Hallowseed – a place forgotten by time, damned and gripped by mysterious demonic terror! Key Features: Rich story - The player is driven by the story of a village whose inhabitants were seduced by an obscure power and condemned to darkness. While seeking to save his friends, the protagonist, Michael, will uncover what role he plays in all this tragedy. Uncanny puzzles – You will encounter and need to solve various puzzles in order to progress the story. Stay vigilant and always on the lookout for clues anywhere around you! Tense atmosphere - Immersive sound design and stunning visuals that will always keep you on your toes. Micro-scares system - A system of random scary events that activate based on how you interact with the environment and will make you jump from your chair (or couch). Try different playthroughs with different choices to experience different scares! Terrifying AI – It’s not easy to escape the horrors around you. There’s always a way to survive, but you may need several tries to get it right. Inspired by Horror Movie Classics - Insidious, The Conjuring and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Hallowseed is the first chapter in the Horror Story series by Jeff Winner, stay tuned for more!

Horror Story: Hallowseed Critic Reviews


12 / 20

Horror Story Hallowseed is not perfect, clearly, but is not to be shunned. We are far from what some softs of the genre (and independent) are able to offer, but Jeff Winner's game has the merit of offering a funny little ghost train that will make you jump from time to time, on a backdrop worthy of a B series broadcast on TNT in the second half of the evening.

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