Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo

Pendulo Studios, Microids
Dec 16, 2021 - PC
Fair Man

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Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo Media

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo | Launch Trailer | Microids & Pendulo Studios thumbnail

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo | Launch Trailer | Microids & Pendulo Studios

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Critic Reviews for Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo is an interesting narrative-driven adventure game, or more like an interactive story, which incorporates several themes from Hitchcock's work. While not linked to the film of the same name, Vertigo is similar in many ways and - like Vertigo - features a compelling and well-told story with (mostly) interesting and well-developed characters. However, this story is countered by distracting facial animation, issues with balancing the generally good audio, and other technical problems. Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo isn't a bad interactive story, I'd even recommend the story, it misses the mark on too much for me to not offer some caution.

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Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo is certainly an ambitious title, but it falls victim to its own intentions. Translating the cinematic language of a seminal director like Hitchcock into a video game is a complicated intent, and the way Pendulo Studio chased him underscores an obvious confusion about the very nature of the adaptation. Vertigo is all form and little content, and qualifies as a narrative adventure a la TellTale with very little to say, especially because of the flatness of its story. A great pity, unfortunately.

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Vertigo offers a thrilling and captivating playable story that touches on some very serious themes. Not for the feint hearted or weak in temperament.

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Nice psychological thriller inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's universe. But ending is disappointment.

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Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo was much more immersive and suspenseful than I thought it would be. Rather than taking the classic movie and creating a 1:1 carbon copy with puzzles, the developers have created an interactive thriller based upon the concept yet unique in its narrative. Although there are no branching pathways or multiple endings, the story is brilliantly crafted and well-paced, requiring you to analyse all of Ed’s memories and experience everyone’s perspectives in order to piece together the truth and reality. If you love interactive stories, such as the ‘Walking Dead’ era of games from Telltale or the Life is Strange series, then you’ll really enjoy Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo. It’s not a puzzle game like the Yesterday series or Beyond a Steel Sky, but it’ll quickly have you hooked thanks to its immersive gameplay and story.

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On one hand, the story is interesting, at least interesting enough to have made me want to see it through to its conclusion. But on the other hand, it’s incredibly padded with unnecessary sections, rife with bugs and glitches, and has some distractingly bad lip syncing issues.

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The videogame version of one of Vertigo, Hitchcock’s cinematic masterpieces turns out to be a thrilling interactive novel.

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A psychological adventure game born from a melting pot of Hitchcockian ideas, but its commitment to a scientific exploration of memory doesn't always hold up.

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