Hashihime of the Old Book Town Append

Dec 16, 2021 - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Blast
9 / 10
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Hashihime of the Old Book Town Append Media

Critic Reviews for Hashihime of the Old Book Town Append

Hashihime makes the most of its medium to tell a challenging yet rewarding story that leaves a lasting impact on its audience.

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Hashihime of the Old Book Town Append is a complex, immersive, bold and creative VN that weaves a unique and moving plot filled with unpredictable twists under the light of an stylish art with serious, lively and psychedelic traces, but one that isn't beyond reproach. Besides the budget limitations, which are clear in the audiovisual aspect, the latter routes don't hold the same energy of the first one. Sometimes the balance between reality and fantasy seems to move too much in favor of fantasy and arbitrary logic, and the last route, while having an interesting and radical side to it, is particularly problematic and controversial. Certainly, it's one of the best (if not the best) BL VNs ever made, at least when it comes to narrative design, making it highly recommended for a general public of good stories about sense of reality, mystery and romance but the player has to understand that they're diving into a practically kinetic experience. Besides that, the plot formula requires a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief to dive into this tragic, unpredictable and moving web of dreams that the young writer from a Jinbounchou library got tangled with.

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