Lynn , The girl Drawn On Puzzles Reviews

Lynn , The girl Drawn On Puzzles is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
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8 / 10
Feb 17, 2022

The stunning watercolour style combined with unexpected story twists and plentiful humour makes Lynn, The Girl Drawn on Puzzles utterly delightful to play. Despite an initial lack of direction on how to access the helpful advice available for each chapter, once understood it is relatively easy to work out the new mechanics introduced in each chapter. Working on obtaining all the fox orbs in order to unlock the interesting extra contact means there is more to this than simply completing the main story. It feels a perfect fit on Switch with the portability making it easy to fit in a puzzle on the go, or playing docked to appreciate the beauty of Lynn's world on a large screen.

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7 / 10.0
Dec 23, 2021

Based on a Korean fairy tale, this game will satisfy the hunger of the gamers who have been waiting for a game that truly brings out the most Korean aspect of its theme. The challenges are solid and quite up there but if your utmost goal is to get to the ending, it’s not impossible. While it’s unfortunate that some of the noticeable bits aren’t quite polished and they happen to be the most amount of content that you’ll linger at, but the sound design and the Asian art style is an eye candy that will surely deliver a pleasing experience for all gamers.

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