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Not For Broadcast

NotGames, tinyBuild
Jan 25, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Not For Broadcast

Deeply silly and all the better for it, the missed political targets really don't matter.

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Not for Broadcast was a good time, while the later levels will test the reflexes of most due to the sheer number of things that are needed to juggle I never hated my time playing the game. The wit and humor here always managed to get a chuckle from me and the ability after each broadcast to replay your creation to see it uncut as the public did is a nice touch. Not for Broadcast feels quite timely as I said before with the amount of news that we see on any given day now, the developers managed to walk a line that won’t offend anyone but will instead get some laughs from them.

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NotGames has managed to create a propaganda simulator that touches on some incredibly dark and distressing content in a way that can still be enjoyable to interact with. The world can be cruel, and the road to hell is often paved in good intentions. There are still bright moments, however, and we can find distractions and humor in those bright spots that help make the bitter bits go down a little better. You can have high risk, intense narratives while still having a game that is fun to play.

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Not For Broadcast provides players with a seamless simulator experience, steadily building tension while maintaining constant satirical humor. The propaganda simulator is worthy of several playthroughs to unlock various endings and experience different dialogue, but the game’s humor is enough to make any player come back for more.

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Not For Broadcast isn't for everyone, but fans of 2013's Papers, Please will not find a better title on the market.

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Not For Broadcast ambitiously challenges the player to reconsider their ethical framework, political values, and personal loyalties through its incredibly clever combination of stressful management sim gameplay and acid-tongued writing. It’s not for the faint of heart, but balances its dystopian terrors with biting satire. With exceptional performances from its cast, a unique and varied system of mechanics that changes with each broadcast, and tonnes of extra story content, any budding media mogul will be both delighted and horrified with all that Not For Broadcast has to offer.

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Rarely do you find games these days that could be described as a combination of "ambitious," "thought-provoking," "hard-hitting," "hilarious" and "extremely fun," but somehow Not For Broadcast delivers on that front.

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9.5 / 10.0

Overall Not For Broadcast has a satirical story that is well written, dark and has some great acting in it. The core game of being the News Producer and editing everything on the fly is a really well-done sim that can at times be stressful as more things get introduced every level. I really enjoyed my time playing Not For Broadcast and was sad that is was over so soon, but I am excited to see how this all ends.

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