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Reverie Knights Tactics

40 Giants Entertainment, 1C Publishing EU, 1C Entertainment
Jan 25, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4

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IGN Italy
7.5 / 10
Generación Xbox
6.3 / 10
Screen Rant
3.5 / 5
Checkpoint Gaming
6.5 / 10
Pure Nintendo
7 / 10
Hardcore Gamer
3.5 / 5
8 / 10
7.5 / 10
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Reverie Knights Tactics - Launch Trailer

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Reverie Knights Tactics - Reveal Trailer [Tactical RPG]

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Critic Reviews for Reverie Knights Tactics

A pleasant and short adventure in 2D, with some problems of balancing the clashes but with an interesting world to discover.

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Generación Xbox

6.3 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

The plot and the lack of localization to Spanish are undoubtedly 2 of the factors that I disliked the most of all, something that is minimally worsened by a gameplay that although it is not bad, I did not find it really interesting either. The latter would surely have been easier to ignore if at least, the narrative aspect turned out to be more interesting, something that as I already mentioned, probably is not for the least pretentious player of all. However, if they are one of those who enjoy this genre, perhaps I could tell them to get hold of it during some sale, but if I would not say that they simply skip this title, since I do not see it recommended for players who are not habitual of turn-based combats.‎

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Reverie Knights Tactics offers players a unique adventure with a variety of difficult challenges and combat scenarios. Players need to react quickly and develop different strategies for each type of enemy. The various enemy types to learn and conquer will keep players busy throughout the game. Although the story ends a bit abruptly, Reverie Knights Tactics has hours of content for players to explore and various optional activities to complete before reaching the final boss battle. Players can experience a fun and entertaining turn-based strategy game in Reverie Knights Tactics.

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Reverie Knights Tactics is a decent turn-based strategy RPG that fans of the genre will likely enjoy… for the most part. The Order vs Chaos system and optional side-quests provide additional depth to the game’s plot. Furthermore, the strategy gameplay fundamentally works very well, encouraging thoughtful planning and smart use of stage hazards. However, its balance issues, primarily the lack of post-combat recovery and limited character customisation and re-spec options, can lead to Reverie Knights Tactics’ gameplay wearing on you over time. It’s an imperfect game, but there are enough neat ideas to be worth checking out.

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Reverie Knights Tactics is a fun tactical RPG with an interesting storyline and many mechanics to play around with. While the controls might take some getting used to, the overall gameplay is solid.

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Reverie Knights Tactics is a good tactical RPG experience, but one that falls short of a top-shelf one overall.

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8 / 10.0

Reverie Knights Tactics is an interesting RPG that tells a fascinating if a bit short story. Once you beat the game, you can't help but think "That can't be it, where is the rest of it?" and wish to see the plot develop further.

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Reverie Knights Tactics is a strategy game with lots of thought and beauty, yet is somewhat punishing.

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