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Animal Uprising, Secret Mode
Mar 15, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Wobbledogs

Wobbledogs hooks in the player with its bright, colourful visuals, and its cute critters that easily charm their new owners.

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Wobbledogs is a pet simulator in which you raise out-of-the-ordinary dogs. You care for them by feeding and playing with them. You can decorate their pens, and you can also breed them to create whatever breed you wish. It's a good game for those who would like to just sit back and relax, and maybe create the weirdest pets imaginable.

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Wobbledogs makes me feel warm inside; its incredibly charming insanity is so endearing and enjoyable that I cannot recommend it enough. Mutating dogs has never been more fun!

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I have nothing but praise for Wobbledogs. It’s ridiculous yet captivating, its enduring adorability carrying players through the occasional wait times between prayers to the RNG gods (spindly Wobbledog why are you so hard to get??!). If you loved Spore and Viva Pinata and want the perfect blend between the pair, it’d be a doggone shame if you passed up Wobbledogs.

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Wobbledogs is a fantastic game, and there aren’t a whole lot like it. The combination between cute pet interaction game and horrific evolution simulator makes it a niche game that both pet and simulation lovers can enjoy in equal measure. Just remember to clean up after your Wobbledogs, or your next Pupation might be a little weird.

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Wobbledogs is odd. Dogs sprout extra limbs, burst from cocoons, and return as ghosts, but none of these aspects feels macabre. Instead, they are marvellously whimsical. There’s always something new happening. Dogs develop personalities, learn tricks, build dens, and play with toys. The breeding mechanics are also surprisingly deep, and while the gameplay loop can get repetitive during long sessions, it’s still solidly entertaining. This world feels alive and customizable, with a perfect balance between randomness and control. Now that Wobbledogs is finally out of early access, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for fans of the sandboxes, pet sims, and all things wobbly.

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Wobbledogs isn't perfect, and players looking for an incredibly involved pet simulator or a sandbox game with satisfying crafting loops will likely be disappointed. However, for those who don't mind a more idle playstyle, Wobbledogs offers a strange, charming experience, albeit a fairly simple one both in terms of its graphics and gameplay. The game's gut flora and breeding mechanics are fun to experiment with, whether players are setting out to simply make the cutest pup or test the game's laws of nature. While the game might not scratch the itch of a player looking for an involved pet simulator, Wobbledogs is a great source of silly, open-ended, sandbox fun.

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