Deadly Dozen Reloaded

Ziggurat, N-Fusion Interactive
Apr 29, 2022 - PC
2.3 / 5
4 / 10
7 / 10
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Deadly Dozen Reloaded Launch Trailer

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Deadly Dozen Reloaded Announcement Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Deadly Dozen Reloaded

The biggest problem I have with the game is that if this was released about a decade ago I would probably have been fine with it and may even have been happy to play through it, even with the issues… but this is a remake that is supposedly bringing it up to modern standards. This does not stand as a game using modern standards of any sort… not graphics, not gameplay not general presentation. Maybe I built up my expectations too much… but I was really thoroughly disappointed with Deadly Dozen Reloaded.

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Overall, Deadly Dozen Reloaded is a subpar remaster more suitable for nostalgic players and not current audience. The game shows how video games were made a long time ago, what design flaws they had, and what they would look like with improved graphics.

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Deadly Dozen Reloaded is an old-school tactical World War II game that is polished in all the right ways. Visually and performance-wise, it’s a solid remake while having its fair share of issues.

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