Neko Secret Room

Axyos Games, Eastasiasoft
Sep 20, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch
3 / 10
1.5 / 10
Rice Digital
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Neko Secret Room Trailer (Nintendo Switch) thumbnail

Neko Secret Room Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Critic Reviews for Neko Secret Room

Eastasiasoft has a lot of games that are worth your time but Neko Secret Room is not one of them. There is nothing much to do here at all other than match some picture pieces together and even after doing that you are left with the feeling of “why did I just spend my time doing that?” Pass on this one and go find one of the many other games in this publisher’s catalog to play instead.

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It’s not sexy enough to justify how bad the gameplay is, there is no story that could possibly explain anything that’s happening on screen (why am I hacking into a computer to look at nude photos of strangers?), and the number of titles out there that deliver more eroticism with less blatant sex pandering are high. Everyone will judge you for playing this, and no one will be your character witness in court afterwards. It’s hot trash, and if you’re seriously into the character design here, there are better games that are actually games. Please, don’t do this to yourself. You deserve better.

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Either way, this is probably one to skip. Eastasiasoft has much better lewd fare in their catalogue, so I would highly recommend that you go enjoy literally any of those instead of this.

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