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Mechanic Battle

May 25, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
7 / 10
4 / 10
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5.6 / 10
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Mechanic Battle Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Mechanic Battle

Many racing games have appeared similar to this one. Sadly, I did not find any specific feature that highlighted Mechanic Battle over other games. With the repetitive stages and simplicity of its details, I expected to be able to play multiplayer or have another event that made the experience more varied. For its price, it does deliver an entertaining experience for a few hours. Especially for those who do enjoy playing racing games with the top-down view and micro-management customization, this might be for you. I recommend looking into it before getting it, to understand if it is what you are looking for in a racing game.

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Its gameplay is simple and intuitive but very fun, and it's in combining this with the myriad of tracks and customization options that Mechanic Battle truly becomes a game all racing fans with a Nintendo Switch should pay attention to.

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Mechanic Battle has an internal battle of wanting to be a halfway average game or a terrible excuse for a cash grab. Either way I hope the lessons learned from the making of this game is that you get as much love as you put in, and this one is still waiting for their parents to come back with the milk.

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While I'm one of those people who would almost argue that there can never be enough racing titles on the Switch that doesn't mean that I'm on board with any that happen to show up...

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