Jul 7, 2022 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
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8 / 10
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Overrogue - A Card Deck-Building Roguelite - Official Trailer thumbnail

Overrogue - A Card Deck-Building Roguelite - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Overrogue

The amount of fun to be had in Overrogue is impressive with card combat that's deeper than it initially appears and oodles of rewarding unlockables throughout. If you enjoy these kinds of roguelikes then you'll love adventuring with Sael and his quirky chums.

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Overrogue’s value will depend entirely on the price, which I simply don’t know before launch. There are far better options on the Xbox platform, especially those on Game Pass like Slay the Spire and Monster Train (just to name a couple). Great music and decent graphics can’t save what is otherwise a bloated and unbalanced mess of a title.

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Full of side quests for more coins and cards, a pretty kickass metal soundtrack and plenty of replay value, Overrogue is what I was looking for in a contender versus Slay the Spire. No, it isn’t very serious, and I’m sure the people who enjoyed One Step From Eden or Ring of Pain will complain that it’s too easy or just not engaging. But this is a game that has clear mobile shades while still being fully fledged, engaging, funny and full of content.

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