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Ghost Pattern, ghost pattern
Sep 13, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Wayward Strand - Official Release Date Trailer - 15 September 2022 thumbnail

Wayward Strand - Official Release Date Trailer - 15 September 2022

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Critic Reviews for Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand provides a poignant reminder that life is fragile, but within its delicate boundaries, we have a gift unlike anything else. The residents are all interesting thanks to great writing and a solid cast, and when you're done, you'll be left feeling a deep sense of respect for the elderly.

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Wayward Strand all in all is a unique enough game that showcases interesting game elements and story with interesting characters and different backgrounds of characters that think, talk, and feel all uniquely different. But with different narrative outcomes and endings it does not feel entirely rewarding to play the game more and more to get those unique differences or moments.

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Wayward Stand tells an intimate story that you discover at your own pace. The non-linear design gives you the freedom to personalize your journey through a long weekend at work with your mother. The in-game clock makes the world feel alive and pushes you to follow story arcs rather than meander. While the conclusion is a little lacklustre and there is an absence of gameplay, this is a wonderful passage through a moment in time.

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With a lovely cast and setting, Wayward Strand is sure to land into your heart even if it does lack gameplay essentials such as more frequent save points or, at the very least, a skip button.

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Overall, Wayward Strand is an interesting game that explores humanity in a way that few games have, while its time limit to each day means choosing who to spend time with has an added importance. Technical issues hold the game back, alongside a lack of dialogue depth as the weekend rolls on. However, overall this is still an engaging game for players who want a more cerebral title.

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When all is said and done, Wayward Strand is a great narrative experience but not a game for everybody. The lack of clear direction and rewards can make its simple gameplay loop feel overwhelming, and the grounded themes it tackles aren’t always easy to get through. For those willing to give it a look, though, it’s a game that offers characters who players won’t be able to keep from falling in love with, and the experience it offers will stick with whoever plays it long after the credits roll.

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Wayward Strand is a thoughtful and compelling game with a unique setting.

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If you are vehemently opposed to narrative experiences with very light gameplay elements, Wayward Strand may not be something you will gravitate towards. For fans of the genre, it would be hard not to recommend. I – who usually prefer the third-person, open world flavours of the month – found myself thoroughly entertained by its charming cast of characters and its uniquely compelling storytelling style.

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