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Sep 6, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Railbound

However, there’s no resisting the charm of Railbound’s chirpy cel-shaded models and, although they belie some fiendish challenges, the difficulty curve is as smooth as it is steep. Perfect for handheld play, Afterburn has laid down a great addition to Switch's library of puzzlers.

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Railbound is a beautiful and addictive puzzle game that can grab anyone's attention.

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Beautifully presented and with thoroughly enjoyable puzzles that will challenge even the most astute of minds, there’s a lot to love about Railbound. While they start off nice and easy, its puzzles soon get fiendish, and solving them is so very rewarding. This is the perfect game to cosy up with this winter, particularly if you like giving your noggin a workout.

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Railbound is just my kind of game, with challenging levels that require some thought, and it’s also relaxing as there isn’t a timer. It has all the right ingredients to make it a brilliant puzzle game with a sweet storyline. First, place the track connections so that carriages safely connect to the locomotive, then sit back and watch the little carriages chug along the track to join the engine and be amazed at your brilliance in solving the puzzle. Mind the gap!

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Railbound is a quaint, confident and colourful puzzle game that’ll charm your socks off if you let it. The presentation is welcoming, while the puzzles are challenging, all chocking up to a well-designed puzzler that’ll keep your brain boggling for hours.

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Railbound is a testing but fun puzzle title. With a charming theme and excellent settings, you'll fall for its charms. Push your brain to its limits as you try to solve every top-down problem.

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Railbound's puzzles can still be deceptively difficult, too. Some of the larger puzzles with multiple moving parts can be surprisingly simple, while the more bare-bones puzzles can provide some of the game's biggest challenges. While some puzzles may take some time to figure out, they never feel obtuse or unfair. Finding solutions to those puzzles generally means taking a small break to reset the brain and coming back with a fresh pair of eyes. With over 150 puzzles and ability to play on the go, Railbound is truly a fantastic game with a charming aesthetic and well-designed puzzles that reward and empower the player.

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Some of its later levels are a little abstract, but on the whole Railbound is a handsome puzzle game with a lot of neat ideas.

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