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Super Alloy Ranger

alloy mushroom, Gamera Game
Sep 14, 2022 - PC
8.5 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
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Super Alloy Ranger Announcement Trailer | TGS 2022 thumbnail

Super Alloy Ranger Announcement Trailer | TGS 2022

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Critic Reviews for Super Alloy Ranger

Super Alloy Ranger is a great 2D platformer influenced by the Mega Man X series in all the right ways. The story isn't the best but has a lot of unique attributes that make it a must-play title!

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Sure, Super Alloy Ranger isn’t breaking the mold of 2D action platformers, but Alloy Mushroom manages to perfectly capture the essence of what made old-school classics feel, look, and play great. Not to mention how affordable and humble the asking price is at $9.99. There’s a ton of replayability here, with two characters to play and master, secrets and collectables to find, and plenty of stages to perfect. If you’re a fan of Mega Man games or someone who appreciates gorgeous pixel art, this is a no-brainer purchase for you.

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