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Vile Monarch , Ravenscourt
Nov 15, 2022 - PC

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PC Gamer
76 / 100
4 / 5
IGN Italy
7.5 / 10
God is a Geek
8 / 10
3.5 / 5
The Games Machine
8.4 / 10
7.5 / 10
Screen Rant
4 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Floodland

Performance and pacing problems mar an otherwise novel and comprehensive survival city builder.

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Floodland is a city builder that triumphs because it focuses on its citizens as much as the city. A strong narrative both in its story and in your interactions with the clans means constant decision-making that'll always make you think in a way that city builders rarely do.

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Floodland is an intriguing city-builder that manages to be intuitive and also quite complex in its game systems, but sadly it's also filled with many technical hiccups that can slow down (and potentially halt) your progress. The foundation is solid and there is a good game beneath it all, but the game will probably need a couple of patches to really shine.

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Floodland is a great survival sim that constantly forces you to think about your actions and make tough choices.

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Floodland not only asks if you’ll sink or swim when the world ends, but if you’ll plunge your arm into the murky depths to pull others up with you or step on their heads to save yourself. Its ability to look toward the future of civilisation without losing sight of the individuals who will form it is insightful. It lacks a certain spark that would make it great, and some unfortunate bugs let it down in the mid-late game, but I look forward to returning to the floodlands once these teething issues are ironed out.

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Floodland is a very strong strategic game with solid gameplay mechanics. The world is fascinating to explore and the narrative campaign introduces new layers of complexity. Defects are few and far between with little impact on the overall experience. Kudos to Vile Monarch.

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Vile Monarch packs an experience that manages to stand out in the panorama of post-apocalyptic-themed city builders, at least on the aesthetic front. From the point of view of gameplay we would have preferred to see carried on that vein of innovation that distinguishes the management side of clan relationships.

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Overall, Floodland is an absolute must-play for fans of the survival simulator genre. The game runs smoothly, controls well, and has enough depth in it to keep players coming back for more. The bleak world of this post-climate change disaster is immersive and beautiful looking, and Floodland is also a great beginner-sim for players who may be new to the genre, with its classic research trees, simple mechanics, and well-crafted tutorial are easily understood at any skill level.

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