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Divine Knockout

Red Beard Games, Hi-Rez Studios
Dec 6, 2022 - PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Divine Knockout (DKO) - Official Launch Trailer

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Divine Knockout (DKO) - Launch Cinematic

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Critic Reviews for Divine Knockout

From what I’ve played of Divine Knockout I think its going to be a lot of fun while it lasts. I am always wary of getting behind Hi-Rez games because they have a habit of going hard on this project when they are popular but then support will peter off and eventually die thus killing the game. Outside of Smite I think their other two big franchises Paladin’s and Rogue Company are on life support. I am rooting for them with Divine Knockout though, its easy to pick up nature and attractive art style will hopefully help it to garner an audience that will allow it to stand the test of time, or at the very least until they can put my man Zeus in the game, once I can get him they can do what they want.

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Divine Knockout(DKO) had so much potential, but it falls into the trap many other multiplayer games fall into, focusing too much on one area with every other area being barely touched. It would be doing much worse if it weren't for the visuals and fun gameplay.

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Divine Knockout is worth checking out in its current state for fighting game fans, but those who are on the fence might want to wait for the current season to end to see if it will remain free-to-play.

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I may have jumped on the Divine Knockout (DKO) train a bit late but holy hot darn, am I having fun with it! From a varied cast of different-playing gods to a spectacular cartoonish game world and phenomenally fun gameplay; you'll have a great time with DKO.

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Divine Knockout is great fun and a fresh take on the Smash Bros style of brawler. It’s quite limited at the moment, there’s only six arenas and eight fighters at launch, but hopefully the makers at Red Beard Games will improve that over time with promised new content.

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