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Red Tape

Pollaris Studios, DreadXP
Feb 14, 2023 - PC
4.5 / 10
Checkpoint Gaming
5.5 / 10
7 / 10
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Red Tape - Official Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Red Tape

Despite a promising setup, Red Tape accidentally embodies the concept of the banality of evil thanks to its boring gameplay and poor writing.

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Red Tape offers a comedic look at a fallen angel's trip through a corporate version of Hell. It's filled with silly characters and outside-the-box solutions that will have you chuckling as you navigate the game. Unfortunately, the story is weak and it ends hastily, filling in the remaining questions once you're done. Other than fetch quest puzzles, there is little variety in the gameplay. Any attempts at variation through jumping activities feel out of place. If you are looking for a psychological horror experience that gets you thinking, you're better served looking elsewhere. But if you want a funny game that lasts about an hour, Red Tape will do the job well.

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Red Tape is a really tedious and mundane game… and weirdly enough, that’s why I actually kinda liked it. The joke was turning Hell into a boring and bureaucratic office building where you’re told to spend the rest of eternity as an intern doing pointless jobs, and against all odds, the joke landed. The fact the game was short and, oddly enough, somewhat visually appealing, also did help a bit. It’s not for everyone, and there are other office-like comedic games that are way more enjoyable, but for the minuscule price tag the publisher is asking for, you could do a hell of a lot worse.

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