The Forest Cathedral

Brian Wilson, Whitethorn Digital
Mar 14, 2023 - PC, Xbox Series X/S
3 / 5
5.5 / 10
7 / 10
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The Forest Cathedral | Teaser

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Critic Reviews for The Forest Cathedral

This brief, raw and unsettling reimagining of a celebrated environmentalist's campaign against pesticides presents a sickly vision of nature contaminated by humans

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Despite its original experimental premise, The Forest Cathedral suffers from an unpolished execution.

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It ironically has a few bugs, but The Forest Cathedral’s dramatized portrayal of Rachel Carson’s research into pesticides is still one worth your time. Short and succinct, the game blends narrative focused exploration with 2D platforming into a seamless experience. While none of its component elements are particularly earth shattering, the way they are combined makes this game more than the sum of its parts.

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