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Silicon City

Jun 22, 2023 - PC
7 / 10
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6 / 10
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Silicon City Official Trailer

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Silicon City - official trailer, june 2021

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Critic Reviews for Silicon City

Silicon City is a much more limited and stripped down version of the traditional city builder simulator you’ve grown to love since the 90s, with small map sizes and a somewhat limited amount of buildings to place, but it’s also faster to learn, as well as to simply pick up and play. It’s a more casual take on the genre, all while retaining a chunk of the elements that made it so popular with PC gamers in the first place.

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Silicon City does offer a challenge in building a city, but the framerate issues can be off-putting. Once the framerate issues are ironed out and a more intuitive UI implemented, I would not hesitate to give Silicon City an “I like it a lot” score, but until then, it will have to be an I like it score.

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Silicon City is a mediocre city builder with unintuitive UI design, tedious downtimes during gameplay, and frustrating performance issues on the larger maps.

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6 / 10.0

Silicon City is a very original city building simulator with great room for improvement, which is clouded by its slowness and its problems in the game economy.

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