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Space Cats Tactics

Mitzi Games
Jul 24, 2023 - PC

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Space Cats Tactics - Release Trailer - 24th July 2023 thumbnail

Space Cats Tactics - Release Trailer - 24th July 2023

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Critic Reviews for Space Cats Tactics

Ultimately it is an impressive achievement from what seems to be essentially a one person developer (I say seems to be as I assume there were at least some other people helping with the voices). Is it fun… yes it certainly can be. Is it inconsistent in art style… absolutely. Is it worth buying… I'm honestly not sure. I completed the game in a bit over 6 hours… there might be some other choices I could make on the way… but it didn't feel like they would make that much of a difference. If you can find it on a decent discount then perhaps grab a copy… otherwise keep track of the progress as there may be some updates to tackle some of the issues otherwise… maybe give it a miss.

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Space Cats Tactics is very bad and is unenjoyable in all aspects. With optimisation issues that cause the game to crash and a lack of basic features such as being able to save the game yourself, it is not worth playing at all.

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The somewhat random nature of the AI in combat, along with the linear story and the short gameplay might sound like turn-offs. However, the feline-heavy adventure is oddly fun despite these issues. Seeking upgrades and winning levels makes this low price sci-fi release more enjoyable than some longer AAA titles, proving how strong the indie scene can be. You don't have to be infected with toxoplasmosis to enjoy Space Cats Tactics.

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I really want to emphasize that no matter what score I give, respect should be given to any developer striking it out solo, with Alex being no exception. The visuals are damn good-looking for an indie effort, and the core gameplay is shockingly solid for being a blend of FTL and XCOM. I see so much room for a game like this to grow and develop, and I’d even go as far as to say I’d gladly go another round if there were a few fixes for the lack of checkpoints, laggy ship transitions, and a bit more depth added to the gameplay. Sadly, Space Cats Tactics in its current form doesn’t stray much farther from general tactics roots, and the characters, while cute for the first few minutes, don’t evolve much more from there, either. If you can work around that and some rather irksome bugs and glitches, I really do encourage giving this a run for being something rather unique in its field, if not to give some support to a solo dev that really has passion put in his project.

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