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Warstride Challenges

Dream Powered Game, Focus Entertainment
Sep 7, 2023 - PC
God is a Geek
9 / 10
The Games Machine
8.5 / 10
9 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
75 / 100
The Escapist
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Warstride Challenges - Launch Trailer

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Warstride Challenges - Gameplay Overview & Release Date Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Warstride Challenges

Warstride Challenges is immensely compelling and endlessly fun - and an absolute must-play for FPS fans.

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Warstride Challenges is a mix of action and violence where all that matters is speed. Perfect for lovers of speedruns, fast-paced games and competition, this FPS is a must-try unless you're looking for a canonical shooter.

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With its satisfying gunplay, ever-increasing challenges, and vibrant community, 'Warstride Challenges' earns its spot within the realm of speedrun classics.

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Warstride Challenges is a symphony. It borrows notes from many beloved titles, yet crafts its own tune. It made me feel badass, nostalgic, frustrated, and triumphant, sometimes all within the span of a single stage. With its blend of familiar mechanics and innovative challenges, it’s hard not to get addicted. Though it might feel daunting for FPS novices, for those who thrive on challenges and quick reflexes, this is a must-play. I walked away, hand cramps and all, with a sense of satisfaction and an itch to dive back in. For its maiden voyage, Dream Powered Games has crafted a compelling and adrenaline-fueled experience. Whether you’re here to race, shoot, or both, Warstride Challenges awaits.

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Warstride Challenges is a neat, solid, and somewhat missable FPS title with varying degrees of difficulty and complexity. Bunnyhopping and strafing are a must; if those are your fortes, give the game a shot. But do not expect the game to be supported for a long while, as the content is super niche, and it is better to just go for a bunnyhop map in Counter-Strike: Source, to be honest.

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