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Hellsweeper VR

Mixed Realms Pte Ltd, Vertigo Games
Sep 21, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, Meta Quest
3 / 10
8 / 10
4.2 / 5
Hey Poor Player
2.5 / 5
9 / 10
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Hellsweeper VR Trailers

Hellsweeper VR Launch Trailer thumbnail

Hellsweeper VR Launch Trailer

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Hellsweeper VR | Co-op Announcement Trailer

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Hellsweeper VR: Movement & Combat Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Hellsweeper VR

Overall, Hellsweeper VR was a big disappointment. Between cumbersome controls and some obnoxious grinding there is little to enjoy in Hellsweeper VR.

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“Hellsweeper VR” is one ambitious title in the VR space when it comes to movement mechanics. It might not always stick the landing, most notably in regards to wallrunning, but once you get the hang of it – and that might take some time – it’s hard not to feel pure satisfaction of slashing through hordes of demons.

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Hellsweeper VR is great for those already versed in virtual reality. There’s plenty to do, and there is never a shortage of demons to slice and shoot through. The ability to look at past runs and their scores gives players an incentive to pick up the controls and get back to Hellsweeper VR once more. With the addition of a co-op, players will be able to double the carnage and team up with friends to sweep through the underworld.

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Hellsweeper VR, with its ambitious design and promise of an intense, infernal combat experience, positions itself as a potential standout in the VR space. It teases players with the allure of an underworld filled with challenges, unique mechanics, and the thrill of mastering both melee and magic in tandem. But more often than not, its execution stumbles, falling short of the high bar it sets for itself. While it showed glimpses of being a genre-defining title, the overall experience felt fragmented. Moments of brilliance were overshadowed by missed beats and incongruities. It aspired to blend the detailed immersion of Blade and Sorcery with the unpredictable challenges of Risk of Rain. Yet, the final product often felt like it was caught in limbo between these inspirations, not quite reaching the heights of either. Despite its flashes of potential, Hellsweeper VR left a lingering feeling of wanting more, a deeper dive into the descent that it promised.

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Hellsweeper VR proves to be a new milestone in the VR market, with an incredible movement/combat system never seen before in this media, with a unique degree of freedom and approach due to the wide range of weapons, abilities and combinations available. The only smudges are textures and models that need to be revised, as well as feedback of hits received from enemies that could perhaps be improved.

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