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Wizard With A Gun

Galvanic Games, Devolver Digital
Oct 16, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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80 / 100
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God is a Geek
7.5 / 10
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3.5 / 5
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7 / 10
7.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Wizard With A Gun

A lean roguelite that never feels like it's wasting your time, even if it's got some rough edges.

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Wizard with a Gun is an entertaining co-op action game, but balance issues and an unsatisfying ending leave it feeling unfinished and in need of updates.

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Wizard With a Gun is a strong start for Galvanic Games, and the effort that has gone into the crafting system and elemental mechanics is well-appreciated. You can lose a lot of hours simply shaping ammo and gathering resources. However, the controls are loose, the lore could be better integrated, and the endgame is bare. Despite these issues, though, Wizard With a Gun is a competent shooter that has a lot of potential and is well worth watching as it develops over time.

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Wizard with a Gun is a entertaining game about fixing the world in five minutes, but is just a bit too repetitive to recommend to everyone.

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Wizard with a Gun excels at providing players with a deep magic system and a wild world to inflict it on. With the world hanging on by a thread, it's up to you to rewind time again and again until your mission is complete.

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Wizard with a Gun from Devolver Digital and Galvanic Games successfully builds an enthralling apocalyptic world with unique time and magic-based mechanics to power its addictive, roguelite gameplay loop. Some rough performance and visual edges detract from the magic, though.

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Wizard with a Gun is an enjoyably frantic twin-stick survival shooter. Although its iffy controls and occasional frame rate drops dampen the experience, its extensive crafting, upgrades, and base building systems overshadow the issues. If you're a Don't Starve fanatic or just after an enjoyable co-op title, we'd recommend giving Wizard with a Gun a shot.

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I had a lot of fun finding out the various ways I can mix and match spells and the different gun types, but the narrative in Wizard with a Gun is lacking. Honestly the game feels like it is really just meant to be played with a group of friends, which it does feature 4 player co-op. Having the extra guns with a different set of bullets would make some encounters WAY easier but more to that just having a person to play and talk with would do a lot. The gameplay loop isn’t bad it just wears then if you are playing solo, if you have a group of friends who enjoy games like Don’t Starve Together or even Ark then you all should take a look at Wizard with a Gun. Its unique blend of sandbox and twin stick shooter is a lot of fun for a while alone but I can see it being endlessly fun with friends.

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