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Racket Club

Resolution Games
Dec 15, 2023 - PC
68 / 100
Digital Chumps
9 / 10
Duuro Magazine
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Racket Club | Launch Trailer

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Racket Club | Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Racket Club

Racket Club offers a pretty spare experience that only really works with a community of online players. The sport itself feels pretty familiar but I wasn’t crazy about the restricted, walled-in court design and lack of single-player options. The game certainly doesn’t make use of PC-VR or the Quest 3’s increased power and fidelity but it’s still a moderately successful iteration of a brand new sport.

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Racket Club VR from developer Resolution Games nailed the racket-based sports VR experience with perfect mechanics and equally good physics. This game was built for the competitive sports type and did a great job of bringing the racket-based sports experience to life in virtual reality. One can only hope that more Meta Quest 3 games take this type of care in their design.

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Racket Club has quickly become one of my most played VR titles, partly due to its excellent execution of multiplayer. The combination of rapid match pacing, satisfying gameplay feel and constant progression incentives create a compelling package.

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