Thing Trunk, Skystone Games
Feb 1, 2024 - PC
God is a Geek
7.5 / 10
7.5 / 10
Checkpoint Gaming
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for HELLCARD

Hellcard is a decent if unremarkable card-battler with some cool ideas that offers a decent challenge for fans of the genre.

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HELLCARD has evolved a lot by improving what it had presented at the beginning of its Early Access period. The combat, although simple, provides the necessary tools to entertain and encourage the player to develop the most varied strategies, such as heroes with different classes, many cards, artifacts and the random arrangement of events throughout the game. However, the common problems of roguelikes are still present, such as continuous repetition due to the difficulty, the slow unlocking of interesting new features and an extra mode that, although good, becomes monotonous if you don't have company to play with. Despite this, Hellcard is still a good option if you like challenging games or enjoyed Book of Demons.

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Checkpoint Gaming

Checkpoint Staff
8 / 10.0
Checkpoint Gaming

Overall, Hellcard offers an engaging deckbuilder with a unique perspective on the classic formula; its combat map and companion system keep things interesting, and the number of cards, artifacts and companions add hugely to its replayability value. While it may not be the best title for newcomers to the genre, considering the game's UI can feel a little unwieldy and there's a lot to keep track of, Hellcard is sure to reward persisting players who don't shy away from a steep learning curve.

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