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Available on:PCAug 25, 2015

Developer: Skilltree Studios

Publisher: Kalypso

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

It’s the 1970’s: the era of Funk, flared jeans and disco-fueled Saturday nights. A crack team of expert thieves turn Grand Larceny into an art-form by using their many talents to break into the richest homes and steal the finest jewelry - all to finance their hedonistic lifestyles. That is until a lucrative museum heist in Venice involving a famous gem known as ‘Luna Stone’ ends in betrayal and the team broken apart. Five years later the remaining gang members reunite with a plot for revenge against their traitorous former comrade – but naturally, their plan will also make them rich beyond their wildest dreams… Crookz - The Big Heist is a tactical strategy game set in the funky 1970’s with a slick and groovy atmosphere. Show off the art of thieving by plotting stylish heists and robberies; utilizing espionage and quick-thinking to avoid detection. Implement a successful strategy by assembling and kitting out your team before the job and planning the best way in.

Crookz: The Big Heist Critic Reviews

There's a decent collection of unlockable challenge missions, but game loses some of its charm when a mission forces too many criteria, like time limits and crew selection. Still, this is a game that ended up totally getting under my skin, and I couldn't help coming back to prove myself as a criminal mastermind.

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This is an excellent and well-made title which does a lot more right than it does wrong. Strategy enthusiasts looking for something new and fun away from a battlefield will find little to complain about in this game. The execution of the 70's atmosphere and time spent outside the core gameplay is a bit lackluster, and deserving of more care and attention, but that's still not enough to deprive yourself of some truly enjoyable hours playing the part of a criminal mastermind.

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If you're the kind of person who plays any genre that has a stage take longer than 20-25 minutes on average or wanted a non-lethal variation on Payday, this is something you should get as soon as possible. However, if you have trouble concentrating on the same thing for a long time if it's moving slowly, you might want to save your money for something more appropriate.

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While the game never abandons its forgiving approach, increasingly ambitious and interesting level design and a steady drip of new items and skills continue to provide a satisfying new challenge throughout the game's accomplished story campaign. Crookz is a very enjoyable crime caper, and one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.

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