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General Information

Available on:PC2015

Developer: Once More With Gusto

Genre: Roguelike

So what is Eternal Step? It's our answer to MMO grinding. While playing a lot of MMOs we came across people who would just grind to max level, so we sat and pondered this and asked the great tree of knowledge "why do people do this tree?" Well it didn't answer - it's a tree... they don't speak unless they're from Middle Earth. But we had the idea of taking that concept and building around it - we wanted to create a game that a player could keep playing and it would increase in challenge while rewarding the player. Thus we threw loot at people and then add random elements and took some of our fave games for inspiration, like Dark Souls, and Bullet Hell games, and MMO raiding, and other Rogue-like lovableness. That all came together and Eternal Step was born. It's a Rogue-like game that's built around fighting floor after floor of enemies while equipping yourself with more weapons, more skills and leveling up, with epic boss fights and rare monsters.... and trading cards all stitched together.

Eternal Step Critic Reviews

A decent concept and interesting loot system can't save this indie action title from mediocrity.

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Despite its flaws, Eternal Step isn't a terrible little indie game if you're a fan of the roguelike genre. It has enough gameplay depth to keep things fresh, at least for a while. I recommend checking it out for yourself, and look forward to seeing what future updates bring.

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Playing through this title feels like the result of some talented friends sitting around, talking about their dream game. While this could have resulted in a confusing gaggle of goofiness, Eternal Step is a worthy experience.

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Eternal Step is a strange case of having mixed concepts of very good and very lacklustre design. All things visually will hurt the eyes of many, from the unflattering and indecisive text, to the poor and flat creatures and environment. Luckily, things balance out thanks to good combat and gameplay structure. The soundtrack is memorable, and the constant struggle for equipment economy will make strategists prepare hard, as they and the many other brave heroes challenge the unforgiving Eternal Step.

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