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Weak Man

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70 / 100
Sep 29, 2015

It'll take you roughly an hour to get to [the end game], unless you are inexplicably skilled at falling (for some equally inexplicable reason), and there's no real replay value beyond going for a flawless playthrough.

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7 / 10.0
Sep 22, 2015

It may be short, but it is also easily affordable. If you've got a little extra change in your bank account and feel like trying something out of the ordinary, I'd recommend giving Euclidean a try.

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2 / 10
Oct 23, 2015

Euclidean features all the inspiration and creativity that indie games are known for. It simply lacks the execution to be more than frustrating. Between the very slow pace of the incredibly short levels that kill the player pretty much consistently, or the fact that collision doesn't work correctly and the player can drift through other objects, there's plenty wrong with the title. There's also just not enough content to talk about in any real depth, and that's just one more unfortunate nail driven in the coffin of Euclidean.

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Bit Cultures
Sierra Grafton
Oct 7, 2015

Euclidean was quite an enjoyable existential crisis. It achieved exactly what it intended to, which was to be a unique horror game that left an impression with players. It certainly was unique in every aspect, and left an impression of hopelessness that lasted for days. It manages to haunt players by having them question themselves and their existence rather than giving them nightmares about aliens and crazed serial killers.

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3.5 / 5.0
Sep 23, 2015

Euclidean is an oppressively atmospheric game that leaves you wanting more.

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6.3 / 10.0
Oct 31, 2016

Euclidean is an interesting idea, but one that relies heavily on the Oculus Rift to make it more engaging than it would otherwise be. Cool concepts and unique visuals help to prop up what is otherwise a somewhat simple, shallow experience.

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