Driveclub Bikes Reviews

Driveclub Bikes is ranked in the 91st percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Nov 6, 2015

More than just a pleasant surprise, this expansion puts into focus all that's good about DriveClub.

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Nov 2, 2015

Despite being smaller than regular Driveclub and lacking variety, this is serious fun, surprisingly accessible and features a more sophisticated handling model than the main game. Great stuff.

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8 / 10
Oct 26, 2015

In some ways, Driveclub Bikes is Evolution and Sony's opportunity to rehabilitate DriveClub's image in the eyes of the public, just as The Taken King redeemed many of the flaws of Destiny. Outside of the online issues that persisted for far, far too long, it was hardly a bad game, and it's excellent and rewarding handling model has effortlessly been replicated with the bikes. Whether you want to pick up the main game on the cheap, grab the generous and expansive season pass of DLC or dabble with Bikes, it's never been a better time to jump into Driveclub and get racing.

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8.5 / 10.0
Nov 14, 2015

New handling model shakes up a familiar game, and is well worth a look.

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90 / 100
Dec 2, 2015

Driveclub Bikes is a nice departure for the Driveclub franchise. This is an expansion that actually expands the game from a relatively competent title, in my opinion, to nearly a must own for racing fans. Others may feel they are adding a whipped cream dollop to their already delicious Driveclub pie. The gameplay mechanics and competitive A.I. make for the most interesting and challenging player vs. CPU racing that I've experienced in a long time. Driveclub Bikes is a highly recommended pickup, particularly for PlayStation Plus members.

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80 / 100
Nov 17, 2015

As a standalone, it works as a solid bike racing game. As an expansion, it's that and more

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Nov 4, 2015

Driveclub Bikes is the rare expansion that manages to eclipse the base game. Not only is the Evolution Studios developed racer the best motorcycle racing game today, but it's one of the best racers, period.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 5, 2015

Driveclub: Bikes delivers a top-notch bike game for a very low price. Despite some small nitpicks, it stands out as the top of its kind this generation.

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Top Critic
7.5 / 10.0
Nov 30, 2015

So, with twelve bikes to unlock, enough Tours and challenges to last a week or two, and absolutely stunning scenery and weather, Driveclub Bikes is a solid DLC. When promised extra content starts pouring in, like the trophies and unusable cars, there's no telling how much better Driveclub Bikes might get.

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9 / 10.0
Dec 10, 2015

It will do, until Driveclub 2.0 comes out - presumably with biking from the start.

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8.5 / 10.0
Oct 31, 2015

DriveClub Bikes liefert die perfekte Erweiterung für das DriveClub Universum. Die hohe Strecken-Anzahl und der gute Multiplayer wird jetzt noch mals komplett mit den neuen Motorrädern ausgenutzt. Challenges können sowohl auf dem Hauptspiel als auch im Add-On erledigt werden für euren Club und in Sachen große Marken, haben die Entwickler beim DLC auch nicht gespart. Von uns gibt es eine klare Empfehlung für DriveClub Besitzer. Neueinsteiger sollten vielleicht vorher das Hauptspiel testen, damit ihr wisst ob euch das Strafsystem und das Gameplay des Titels zusagt.

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