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Available on:PCOct 19, 2015

Developer: Devespresso Games

Genres: Horror, Adventure

You were just another normal high school student in Korea. You had just sat down for your final exam, exhausted from an all-night cramming session. The result of all your preparation, and those grueling hours spent studying was dozing off in the middle of the test. You awake to find yourself alone - no one had bothered to wake you when class was over. Night has begun, and you decide to head home. If you can... It's a survival horror 2D adventure. Make your way through the now abandoned high school, packed full of haunting sights and dangerous traps. The school’s hellish corridors are not all you must contend with. Your fellow classmates and teachers have warped into frightening ghosts, who will stop at nothing to hunt you down. In this unthinkable situation, your choice is clear: figure out what brought you here and escape the nightmare. Unfortunately, it seems that your school and its inhabitants have other intentions.

The Coma: Cutting Class Critic Reviews

A solid Korean animated cartoon video game with an emphasis on survival horror.

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In the end there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about The Coma, which in itself may be considered bad news for anyone hoping for a campy LP. The premise of a haunted high school mixed in with Visual Novel-type artwork is an interesting one, but the game never moves past mediocrity to make good use of it. An average experience is still better than a bad one, but anyone hoping for a better high school horror experience should consider checking out Corpse Party or shell out however much a Playstation VR will cost for the remake of White Day.

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The Coma: Cutting Class is an excellent example of using the horror genre to reflect on real-world fears and social issues. The environment and the art style work well together to create a tense experience, yet this tension however is lost with a somewhat simple approach to game design, a shame to what is a quality horror game.

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Escape the terrifying clutches of Ms. Song as she stalks you through the spooky hallways of Sehwa High School in The Coma: Cutting Class; A short but enjoyable 2D side scrolling stealth survival horror adventure with a strong focus on exploration and narrative. Despite some frustrating gameplay mechanics and level design, the visual presentation and mysterious story are well worth the 4 or so hours of gameplay. The captivating plot and spooky setting will grip most players through to its frightening conclusion.

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