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Crusader Kings II: Conclave

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Available on:PCFeb 2, 2016

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Conclave, the latest major expansion for Crusader Kings II, will give your vassals some bite to go along with your bark, as the council that governs your realm will now demand some say in how you rule. Powerful dukes, regardless of competence, will require a seat at the table, and those left on the outside will be more likely to plot against you.

Keep your council happy, and the mighty vassals will resist the pull of faction and civil war. Dismiss their interests, though, and you may find yourself trying to hold together a council at war with itself.

Balance councilor skill and power to keep your dynasty safe and strong. Ignore powerful underlings at your peril, or simply buy their loyalty with favors. Conclave makes the royal council a force unto itself.

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Crusader Kings 2: Conclave - Release Trailer

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Hardcore Gamer

3 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

Although Conclave does require an unusual amount of hard work on the player's part, as well as the patience of a saint, the expansion is still mostly worthwhile (many of the bad changes were in the free patch, so there's no way to avoid them without reverting to a previous version).

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4 / 10

It's really sad to see scores slowly slide down like this, but with Crusader Kings II seemingly starting to get stuck in a rut due to a lack of a desire to release things like new maps (hint: China/Japan or a fantasy-style alternate campaign), there wasn't really anywhere for Conclave to go that wasn't 'sequelitus.' As a content patch it would get an A, but as an expansion? Sadly, not so much.

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9 / 10.0
Andrei Dumitrescu

Crusader Kings II: Conclave represents the best incarnation of the veteran grand strategy title from Paradox Development Studio, a great experience for any player who loves history and wants to explore the many what if situations of the past.

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