Momonga Pinball Adventures

Paladin Studios
Oct 15, 2015 - Wii U

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Official Momonga Pinball Adventures Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a very simplistic pinball game with a very short story, pick-up and play controls, and ball physics that require a bit of tweaking. There's nothing here that stands out, but it'll still be good for keeping the children quiet for an hour or so, with it's not too taxing difficulty.

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Momonga Pinball Adventures offers something different and unique mechanics compared to other games of the kind. Its simple and effective gameplay mean that the player can get into it immediately but at the same time, it clearly does not go beyond the limits of a game designed for the mobile devices market.

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Is pinball's game that seems to be designed for mobile phones, in a colorful environment and with a lot of challenges to unlock.

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Momonga Pinball Adventures definitely scores points with me when it comes to originality, responsive controls and a charming world. Serious fans of pinball should stick with the more traditional games mentioned in the introduction, as this game won't scratch that pinball itch much. Everyone else looking for something lighthearted, or especially something for younger children, shouldn't be afraid of giving Momonga Pinball Adventures a shot.

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While there are very few issues with the game from a technical point of view, and it has very few annoying features, it completely lacks a hook and great, memorable parts. Momonga Pinball Adventures is the definition of a mediocre game. It is not bad enough for people to yell for refunds, but it is certainly not good enough for anyone will return to. Much more could've been done, but simply wasn't. The addition of one big pinball table could've done wonders, providing replayability and something for pinball fans to truly enjoy. Sadly, it didn't. The developer went their own way to create a new colour, but the project clashed somewhere along the way, creating a mess instead. It is, however, hinted that there will be a sequel, maybe one that will better mix the elements into something new.

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Momonga Pinball Adventures is an enjoyable little game that I highly recommend to anyone with a soft-spot for cuteness and a thirst for simple yet challenging gameplay.

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Momonga was a true joy to play and a real hidden gem in the ID@Xbox program. For a game that can be completed within an hour, it has so much variation and puts some 30-hour open world games to shame. Couple this with the cliff-hanger ending and the game will keep you guessing at what's next. But it has a lot of replayability too, especially for those chasing top scores and achievements. Sure, the game is flawed with bugged leaderboards and average physics, but it's one of those games where the positives far outweigh the negatives, with the major positive being fun. And this game provides an immense amount of just that.

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