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Ninja Senki DX

Tribute Games
Feb 23, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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Ninja Senki DX Teaser - OUT February 23rd 2016!

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Critic Reviews for Ninja Senki DX

Anyone who has a fondness for old-school platformers or action games from the NES era should get plenty of enjoyment out of Ninja Senki DX.

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You can definitely see the passion for retro games of the past with Ninja Senki DX.

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Ninja Senki DX reads like an old codger's take on modern literature and walks like a decrepit schoolgirl gallivanting her way to her first tax return and, fittingly so, her first heart attack. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Tribute Games made garbage.

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Even for a game priced at five dollars, Ninja Senki DX is a letdown. What could have been another classic addition to the Tribute Games lineup instead ends up feeling like any generic retro-inspired indie game. It's far from terrible, but with so many other great games out there that do a much better reminding you of the NES days, there's no need to pick up one that does a sub-par job at it. Save your nostalgic urges for something with more meat on it.

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Ninja Senki DX revels in its own simplicity, distilling the basics of 2D platformers into a single, beginner-friendly crash course in the genre. It's not the fanciest or the most difficult, but every aspect of it is carefully calculated to provide a satisfying experience for players of all levels of experience.

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It's difficult to try to find any faults with Ninja Senki DX.

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Ninja Senki DX is an arcade game, and with that comes some baggage. For it's incredible controls, it has balancing issues that seem easily rectified. Cheap kills can be made up for by an incredible world, and there seems to be some of it here. For the rather low-key graphics, it still manages to work. It would be foolish to miss out on Ninja Senki DX's retro charm, but if you have a hefty backlog, it's not something you need to rush into. So, in summary, it should definitely be experienced by fans of the genre, but it can wait.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

[Ninja Senki DX] succeeds to replicating what's already been done, which is fine, but it fails to be a classic in its own right

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