Hero and Daughter+

Degica, Tachi
Feb 18, 2016 - PC

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45 / 100
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4.5 / 5
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Hero and Daughter+ Media

Critic Reviews for Hero and Daughter+

Hero and Daughter+ boasts tons of dungeons to explore, powerful girls to summon, and enemies to defeat. Unfortunately, this seems to be a case of quantity over quality, as most of the characters have flimsy backstories and there are very few surprises. Instead of being treated to a richly detailed story about the world and its inhabitants, making progress largely feels like a joyless numbers game.

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I cannot resist contemplating what the women will say next or what party I will form while humming the music mindlessly in the middle of the day. My admiration of the game comes from its self-aware humour, traditional gameplay, and surprisingly unique story.

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Hero and Daughter+ utilises an interesting core mechanic that makes for a refreshing RPG. Much of the combat and art style is straight from RPG Maker, which may put off a lot of players. However, the dialogue is full of humour, and there are plenty of optional side missions to keep things interesting, making the overall gameplay an engaging experience.

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A fantastic RPG title that deserves your attention. Fair warning: if you do give this game your attention, good luck at prying it away. It's an addictive one...

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Unknown Author

Where Hero and Daughter really stands out is the gameplay, with a number of legitimately innovative systems. Though the portrayal of its female cast leaves something to be desired, each of the characters have a range of interesting skills to make use of in attempting to break the game in interesting ways.

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