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Mar 3, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Blue Rider

While the core gameplay is at least somewhat solid, Blue Rider doesn’t have a lot of content or any particularly nifty features to help it stand out amongst its competitors.  Unless you love Twin stick shooters and are really, really itching for a challenge, give this one a pass.

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Blue Rider banks on its well-managed use of nostalgia, bringing the gameplay of the 8/16-bit era to the design of the 64-bit era and the polish of the current gen.

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Blue Rider not only doesn’t fit on the consoles, it also is of very poor overall quality and fails on almost every step of the way.

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Blue Rider is fun, flashy but also flawed. It's nice to see a legitimate shoot-em-up on the PS4, one made by people who appreciate the genre. The graphical palette is beautiful, and rarely this nice for this genre. Audio is a throwback, and in the best of ways. Too few levels and no true continues make Blue Rider a likely tough sell except for score chasers.

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Even with unfortunate performance hiccups, it’s safe to say Ravegan have created one of the more interesting and cleverly addictive shoot ’em ups in recent years.

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Blue Rider is a short and intense twin-stick shooter with bright and colorful graphics that will keep you busy as you try to improve your skills. I surely became a better player after I was done with my Blue Rider review, and so can you!

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Blue Rider is a simple shooter that's a heck of a lot of fun to master but the lack of content prevents it from being a must-own title for genre fans.

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Blue Rider is a wonderful bout of nostalgia that recalls a time when arcade machines where still relevant and quarters took up more space in your pockets than wallets and credit cards. Blue Rider is a sort-of top down shooter like Raiden, 1942, or Touhou - except with a lot less bullets and a lot more freedom of motion.

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