Epic Dumpster Bear

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Apr 7, 2016 - Wii U

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Critic Reviews for Epic Dumpster Bear

The beauty of Epic Dumpster Bear is how it isn't afraid to say "This is fucking stupid and ugly, I admit that, but that's the point." The overall presentation somehow mixes great music and tight platforming with a  hilariously dumb story and purchased assets to make something surprisingly playable and enjoyable. This one goes in the so bad its good category.

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Epic Dumpster Bear is the epic adventure of a dumpster-diving bear as he attempts to battle against the evil corporation, and proof that you should never judge a book by its cover. The title sounds ridiculous, because the premise for the game is ridiculous, and everything looks ridiculous… but that's the charm. This fairly robust platformer does have some balancing issues but is hiding under a hilarious layer of ridiculousness and provides a surprising amount of challenge and fun. Plus, while you wait for levels to load, you get interesting little tidbits about bears. "Don't camp on the shore of a spawning stream".

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Epic Dumpster Bear is competent at providing a hilarious, long-lasting and varied platforming experience that doesn't take itself too seriously. Beyond that, it's a rather standard game that doesn't rely on anything else, certainly not on its simple visual and audio atmosphere. While players looking for a funny platformer will be entertained, those who crave a more in depth and technically gratifying experience will look elsewhere.

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Hardcore Gamer

Shawn Reynolds
2.5 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

Epic Dumpster Bear isn’t terrible. It runs smoothly with no frame rate hiccups or annoying glitches, but the controls are counterintuitive and the first few worlds are a bit of a drag. You’ll start to have some fun if you can manage to hang around until the fourth world, but the game hits its stride too late in the adventure, making it nearly impossible to warrant a replay.

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Epic Dumpster Bear has plenty of content to keep players busy for hours there. The game has plenty of enemies to watch out for as well, such as seagulls who poop on you, crocodiles who try and eat you, flying robots that shoot at you, and more. I loved the comic book cutscenes and the overall look of the game and the gameplay is very tight and solid. The price is also very good for the amount of content on offer, and if you are a completionist you will spend some extra time replaying levels to get those rare red coins.

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Epic Dumpster Bear may be a joke but it's one that's actually very funny and features some tight gameplay.

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Epic Dumpster Bear: Dumpster Fire Redux is a game which I know a lot of people will overlook due to how the game looks and people judging a game with still images - however, if you do that then you're missing out on a decent platformer. True, the game isn't the prettiest to look at and the game can get pretty tricky and downright hard as nails with your two hearts and giant enemies, but it's also a lot of fun to explore for collectables and kill cows by jumping on them. The game boasts a lot of content and will definitely offer you a challenge as you aim to complete it or go for the platinum. This is certainly one that platformer game fans should get for their collection, especially those fans who like to play super hard fan-made modded games.

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