Stardust Galaxy Warriors

Vasara Entertainment, Dreamloop Games
Nov 10, 2015 - PC
Strong Man

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STARDUST GALAXY WARRIORS - Official Trailer 2015

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Critic Reviews for Stardust Galaxy Warriors

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is an exceptional title in an underappreciated genre. Anyone who remotely enjoys shmups should not miss out on this.

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When people mention shmups on the PC, they don't mention Stardust Galaxy Warriors and after playing this gem I feel that is a crime. Tight controls, catchy music, every game is handled different thanks to the customization and 4 play co-op make this game stand out in a big way. In fact, the only thing that hurts this title is that it's​ an offline affair only. That said, for $10 you'll have a blast, literally. And if you have 3 people to play with then you're in for one hell of a time. Hopefully, we'll also see some much-needed DLC as the game as it stands if pretty short, that is unless you keep coming back to the gauntlet and challenge modes.

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Stardust Galaxy Warriors takes classic SHMUP gameplay and spices it up with the addition of melee attacks and RPG elements. There’s still some bugs the developers are working out and it doesn’t do everything perfectly but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely fun.

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Schuitje82 (Richard)
8.5 / 10.0

Stardust Galaxy Warriors is a 4 player mech style local arcade shoot ‘em up with RPG elements.

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Though there are a good number of shooters on the PC, you should definitely pick up Stardust Galaxy Warriors if you're a genre fan.

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Shaun Joy
Stardust Galaxy Warriors (Critical Eye): Disco Shmup Fever video thumbnail

Stardust Galaxy Warriors describes itself as combining shmup and brawler gameplay elements and as unusual a claim as that may be on its face it’s oddly accurate. Between the way the waves of enemies progress and just the overall variety in what you’ll face this doesn’t have a an almost puzzle-like bullet hell feel, though especially in the Campaign’s latter stages you’ll be doing plenty of careful dodging if you expect to complete it. Instead, you’ll tend to open up with a number of waves of enemies (ones that vary wildly by stage, often requiring different approaches to take down), a mid phase where it’s not unusual to face some more formidable enemies, and then a third where you’ll face one of the game’s pretty diverse bosses. Overall, Stardust Galaxy Warriors is just a huge breath of fresh air and easily one of the top shooters on the system. If you’re looking for variety in your challenge, something you can enjoy with some friends, and an ability to configure both your challenges and your gear to suit your mood there’s really no better choice on the Switch.

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