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Total War: Warhammer - Call of the Beastmen

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Available on:PCJul 28, 2016

Developer: Creative Assembly

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Strategy

Something stirs in the deep dark forests of The Old World. Between the twisted trunks, the Beastlords grow restless with an all-consuming battle-thirst. They gather to them great Warherds of barbarous, bestial fiends, forged in the Time of Chaos; dark amalgams of human intelligence, animal cunning and raw, reckless ferocity.

As The Beastmen emerge from their woodland lairs, ten thousand hooves stamp in agitated union, and a foetid musk arises from the sea of matted fur. The bray of the battle-horns pierces the gloom, and beyond: from Bordeleaux to Ostermark, the Call Of The Beastmen will be heard across The Old World!

The Call of The Beastmen Campaign Pack introduces the Beastmen as a playable race to Total War: WARHAMMER. A feral, Chaos-tainted horde race, they move like a plague across The Old World, fielding half-human aberrations and colossal beasts in battle, many of which feature unique abilities. The Beastmen are playable in the Grand Campaign, custom and multiplayer battles, and in their very own Story Campaign, An Eye For An Eye.

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PC Gamer

82 / 100
PC Gamer

A fresh, fearsome realisation of a classic Warhammer race that revitalises the core game.

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65 / 100

It is nearly a third of the price of the main game, and it contains nowhere near a third of the content.

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PC Invasion

8 / 10
PC Invasion

The Beastmen represent another successful transition from tabletop to Total War: Warhammer faction. Their horde mechanics are a refinement over Chaos, while both strategic and battlefield options reflect their inclinations towards ruthless ambushes.

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Game Debate

7 / 10.0
Game Debate

I will get DLC as it piques my interest and the price is right for me. And that is why those tempting people at Games Workshop are the masters at this. There will always be something a Total War Warhammer player will want, it's only a matter of time.

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