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Road to Ballhalla

tinyBuild, Torched Hill
Aug 5, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Road to Ballhalla

If you can take the difficulty on the chin, you'll experience a broad range of top-notch puzzles, that are well-executed and overlaid with a cheeky, playful tone. Rolling a ball around around a level shouldn't be this much fun.

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Road to Ballhalla is an insanely difficult rhythmic puzzler. It’s enjoyable and agonizing in equal measure, tossing a variety of trials at you then teasing you when you don’t overcome them on the first try. For those who can fight their way through and remain cool-headed, dozens of neat features and hours of playtime await.

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An entertaining game that fulfills its function of entertaining the player. Perfect for anyone who loves games in this genre.

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Despite the punishing difficulty, Road to Ballhalla just has that special something that can keep players coming back. A sleek visual design, a fantastic supporting soundtrack, and clever puns and gentle mocking of your failures all come together to make something that’s as fun as it is frustrating.

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Road to Ballhalla provides fun levels and interesting ideas wrapped in an awesome soundtrack. Not all of its ideas are winners, but more than enough manage to be to keep this ball rolling.

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Road to Ballhalla is a great mixture of a puzzle and platformer all about survival. It's challenging but fun. It's a good one to pick up and play as you go.

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Even for someone as apathetic and straight-faced as me, I rarely deny comedy the opportunity to lift a smile on my face.

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Even if you don't have a fondness for Amiga like I do, it is a wonderful contemporary take on a classic puzzle platformer with a visual flair, well-thought-out puzzles, and a cheeky personality. Attention to detail was paid in making Road to Ballhalla, and elevates it from good to great.

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