JACKPOT 777 Reviews

JACKPOT 777 is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
2 / 10
Jul 29, 2016

All told, Jackpot 777 is a game that feels rather useless. It's no stretch to say that there have been Google Doodles that were more entertaining and had deeper gameplay than this. The failure to provide any meaning or incentive to continue playing completely ruins what little fun could be had here. Please do not waste your money on this game; if you must play a virtual slot machine, pick from one of the countless free apps online or on a digital storefront of your choice.

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1 / 10.0
Aug 5, 2016

While I usually admire the simplicity and enjoy titles like Vegas Stakes or the Pokemon Game Corners, this game feels cheap to the point its like they did the bare minimum with this title, which is a depressing shame.

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