Orc Slayer

Cooply Solutions
Nov 5, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5
Digitally Downloaded
0 / 5
3 / 10
The Cube
2 / 10
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Orc Slayer Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Orc Slayer

This is a game that actively sets out to be a generic FPS with a medieval humans-vs-orcs theme. It doesn’t even try to be a good one. The developers know, surely, that the game isn’t remotely competitive with the better examples of the genre – even in the indie FPS space.

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…that’s pretty much it. Slay Orcs, take a few steps forward, slay some more Orcs

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The one good thing I got out of my couple hours with Orc Slayer is the weapon ideas the game provides, but even that was screwed up by how simple and dull the game makes these seem. This is a more than common trait of the game itself really. The lack of variation is so in your face that every simple task feels like a chore.

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