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Hitman - Episode 4: Bangkok

Aug 16, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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HITMAN: Episode 4 - Bangkok Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Hitman - Episode 4: Bangkok

More good Hitman, although the repetition of style and presentation is taking the shine off the experience.

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7.4 / 10.0

Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok gets proceedings back on track after the somewhat bland Marrakesh malarkey of Episode 3. The Himmapan resort may lack the size and scope of Sapienza, and it isn’t quite the classic Hitman hotel level I was after, but it still boasts plenty of problem solving and murderous mayhem within its walls.

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After three wonderful Episodes of Hitman, IO Interactive drops the ball by delivering a chunk of content that's not nearly as thoughtful as what came before. But even if this installment comes off as a little disappointing, you should still get some enjoyment out of it if you enjoyed Agent 47's previous 2016 adventures.

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If I paid money for Hitman with just two packs to go (USA and Japan), I wouldn't feel slighted even if Bangkok and Marrakesh are weaker than the others. Diced up or whole, this can of blood-soaked tomatoes serves up so many experiences that aren't offered just about anywhere else outside of the original entries.

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Although the Hitman Bangkok mission isn’t as good as others, it’s still another solid entry into a well-crafted series -- providing stunning visuals and varied opportunities to kill.

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A familiar setting makes for some excellent kills in Hitman's latest episode.

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A beautiful return to form for 47 after his Moroccan adventure failed to impress too much. Bangkok offers a tight, focused level with plenty to do, which differentiates it from the missions of the last few months - and it's really well-designed to boot.

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Bangkok’s opportunities just aren’t interesting and the thrill of the kill when executing said opportunities is lost.

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