Meridian: Squad 22

Merge Games, Headup Games, Elder Games
Aug 11, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Meridian: Squad 22

Polished and pretty, the dazzling visuals and crisp sound aren’t enough to overlook Meridian: Squad 22’s many issues. This RTS is every bit as unremarkable as its story. Even at $15, this is one to skip.

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Meridian: Squad 22 is a worthy effort by Elder Games and a good choice for anyone who is new to the genre and wants to experience a real-time strategy game for the first time without having to burn a hole in their pocket.

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Unknown Author
6 / 10

Meridian: Squad 22 has all the basics of what makes a successful RTS game. The core is solid, and the hunting of the research canisters is a highlight. The problems come from how the controls are unforgivably outdated - especially with squad control/hotkeys - how all units are fundamentally the same, and the fact that the plot that had a lot of potential never actually goes anywhere in the end. It is enjoyable for a quick romp, if someone has a deep craving for a sci-fi RTS, but there are flaws here that prevent it from being great and tackling the greatest of greats within the genre.

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