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Mega Coin Squad

Big Pixel Studios
Aug 15, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Mega Coin Squad Gameplay Trailer from Adult Swim Games | Adult Swim

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Critic Reviews for Mega Coin Squad

Despite its lack of online multiplayer, 'Mega Coin Squad' offers players a unique and colorful 2D platforming game that challenges those who enter the coin-collecting world.

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Mega Coin Squad is a fun, frantic and wholly unique action platformer with all sorts of crazy ideas and mechanics built around a clear and engaging objective of collecting and banking as many coins as possible. It dives right into the basic primal gamer instinct of collecting shiny golden coins, and throws in countless obstacles and useful tools to make things interesting.

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Like many ID@Xbox games, Mega Coin Squad's initial tactic is to draw gamers in with nostalgia by making the level select look just like the level select in Super Mario World that is so easily recognizable. Comparisons to games of yesteryear end there, however, as what Mega Coin Squad boils down to is a repetitive, largely uninspired campaign that can be dashed through in under a half hour. There is some fun to be had in the campaign, and even more so to be found in the Multiplayer, but considering many people who will be checking in here for thoughts on the game either play with achievements in mind or don't have a second controller, the MP doesn't do enough to push the game above "it's just ok" status. As a mobile game at a low price, Mega Coin Squad would be a good grab and nice-little diversion for thirty minutes or less. As a full-fledged ID title commanding a $15 price tag, the game doesn't deliver enough for most people to find it worth the investment. If you have local friends to play with, that will boost your enjoyment of it and its longevity. Otherwise, unless you're a big fan of platformers with randomly generated parts, this one can easily be skipped.

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Mega Coin Squad's decent in multiplayer, but it's over all too quickly when playing alone. Some cumbersome mechanics and a teensy runtime rain on this game's parade, and when you take into account its $14.99 price tag, you may need a coin squad of your own to justify spending so much on it. Still, there is fun to be had with friends here, so it's worth a look if you've already picked the likes of Towerfall Ascension and Nidhogg clean.

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If you're looking for fun game to play with others, this might provide it in small doses. Yet in a game that wants players to save every coin, you might want to do that before deciding if you want to spend yours.

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Good news is that Big Pixel Studios isn't done with the development of this title and its developers have already begun asking for opinions on new characters on the Steam forums. If they reconsider the multiplayer possibilities, this game can become a lot more than what it already is.

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While Mega Coin Squad could've gone the extra mile with more single player oomph and online play, what's here is more than serviceable for those looking for a great time with some friends – or collecting coins on their own. The gameplay is original and a lot of fun, and the presentation is right up the alley of Genesis/SNES owners, right down to the cute animations. This is one title worth cashing in on.

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Mega Coin Squad provides a challenging and engaging experience for platformer fans, but a short campaign and lack of online play bring the experience down a bit.

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