Sep 22, 2016 - PC

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Harmonia Media

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『 Harmonia 』

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Critic Reviews for Harmonia

Harmonia is a bite-sized taste of what VisualArts can do with the visual novel genre.

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With that said, Harmonia is wonderful story that suffers from a not so wonderful cast. The second half of the story does well in capturing the readers attention and offers a strong conclusion. Fans will appreciate Key’s newest story, but I’m left with wanting more.

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Harmonia is a mess of a visual novel that fails to make the reader feel for its characters or plot and likely should have been put back in the oven for a few months before releasing it on the world.

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As a flagship for Key’s solo foray into the English-speaking market, Harmonia may not raise the bar, but it does mark a great entry point into the rest of their catalog.

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